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The Cairo Genizah: Healing Body and Soul

The Center for Interdisciplinary Research of the Cairo Genizah was founded in 2012. One of the centre's goals is to strengthen the public awareness of the precious treasure of Cairo. 

As part of its  out-reach activities the centre has produced an exhibition, which includes three parts: A general introduction to the Cairo Genizah and a section on each of the two areas of research in the center: Midrash and Materia Medica. The exhibition is available in Hebrew, English, French, Spanish and German.


limmud  The  exhibition has been displayed in various venues including: Limmud Conference in 2012 in Cambridge UK,  Geneva, the University of Haifa,

  Mexico City and The University of Connecticut, U.S.A..

  The exhibition  often combines  guest speakers from the centre who offer related talks, lessons or academic lectures. 

  Contact us to inquire about displaying the exhibition in your community or institute. 


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Click on the following titles to view some of the posters:   

Introduction, The CentreAbout the The Genizah, A Treasury of Sacred Jewish Books, Collections around the World, Historical Documents, The Midrash Here,

The Midrash There, Early Linguistics, Medical Issues, Medica MateriaLists, Perscriptions, Notebooks, Medical Books.