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Dr. Amir Ashur

amir.ashur Dr. Amir Ashur received his PhD in 2006. His doctoral dissertation was ‘Engagement and Betrothal Documents from the Cairo Geniza’ under the supervision of Prof. M.A. Friedman from Tel Aviv University.
His research focuses on the ‘documentary Geniza’ – letters and legal documents. He also deals with documents relating to medical practice and he is taking part in the ‘Jewish Physicians’ project, headed by prof. Efraim Lev, Haifa University. Dr. Ashur serves also as a visiting scholar at the Taylor-Schechter Geniza Research Unit in Cambridge University, UK, and he is preparing a catalogue of Maimonides and Maimonidean related document in the T-S collection.

Dr. Yachin Epstein

yachin  Yachin Epstein served as a post doctoral researcher on the Midrash in the Communities of the Genizah project. Today he is the head of the Jewish     Culture Dept. at the Centre for Educational Technology in the Ministry of Education and a lecturer at the Open University. Yachin presently serves as     an associate of Genizah Centre specializing in annual-cycle Midrashim.

Dr. Shimon Fogel

Shimon Fogel Shimon Fogel earned a PhD degree from Ben Gurion University in the Negev. His main research interests are the early Rabbinic culture of learning; the cultural aspects  of the Midrasic     literature; ancient and contemporary Hebrew liturgy. 


Moshe Gan-Zvi

Moshe Gan Tzvi works on the "The Midrashim of the Communities in the Genizah Project" specializing in Judeo-Arabic works. He is currently writing a thesis on Khitab Al-Tafacha a collection of homilies in Judeo- Arabic. 

Dr. Dan Greenberger

man no imageDan Greenberger worked as a Post-Docotral researcher under the Auspices of the "Midrash in the Comunities of the Genizah Project" specializing in Judeo-Arabic materials and works by R' Saadia Gaon,  related to Aggadic Midrash.

Dr. Rachel Grovhois

man no imageRachel Grovhois served as post-doctoral researcher under the auspices  of the Midrash in the Communities of the Genizah Project. She worked on the Midrash HaPetihtot B'Halacha. 

Vered Raziel-Krezmer

veredVered Raziel- Krezmer serves as a Research Assistant for the "Midrash in theCommunites of Genizah Project", overseeing and coordinating the project's database. She is currrently writing a doctoral thesis in the Jewish Philosophy Dept.of Ben Gurion Universiy in Beer-Sheva.

Dr. Amir Mazor

pic. Mazor

Dr Amir Mazor is a historian of Islam and the Middle-east during the Medieval period. His research focuses the Mameluke's' Rule in Syria and Egypt, Islamic historiography and the lives of Jews in Moslem countries during the middle ages.

Dr. Oded Rosenblum

odedOded Rosenbloom serves as a Research Assitant in the Midrash group. He paticipated in the mapping of relevent fragments from the Oxford Collection. He also worked on lost rescensions of the Tanhuma-Yelemdeinu  and on lists of homilies. 

Tova Sacher

tova-picLLB from Bar Ilan University. Masters in Jewish Education from the Hebrew  University in Jerusalem. Currently writing a doctoral thesis at the University of Haifa on the topic of Midrash Tanhumah in the Genizah. Tova also serves as the centre's co-ordinator.

Dr. Yonaton Sagiv

man no imageYonatan Sagiv works as a researcher in the Midrash group. He participated in the mapping of the fragments from the Adler Collection and other fragments. His research includes exegetical aspects of materials from Leviticus Rabba. 

Dr Shana Schick


Shana Schick is a post-doctoral Fellow under the auspices of the "Midrash in the Communities of the Genizah project" at Haifa University. She received a PhD in Talmudic Literature and MA in Bible from the Bernard Revel Graduate School at Yeshiva University, U.S.A. She held a joint post-doctoral Fellowship in Jewish Culture in the Ancient World at Haifa, Bar Ilan, and Tel Aviv Universities. She is part of the research project devoted to constructing a critical edition and commentary on Midrash Reishit Ha-Parshiot. Publications: “Images of Pregnancy and Childbirth in Rabbinic Literature: The Innovation of a Genizah Midrashik Fragment,” Mothers in Jewish  Culture (forthcoming). Presentations: Midrash Reishit Parshiyot, Parshat Toldot: A Study in Literary Unity.  (January 16, 2014: Haifa University)

Dr. Roni Shweka

roni shweka   Roni Shweka recieved his Doctorate in Talmud from Hebrew University in Jerusalem. His main research fields are: Geonic litertuare, Cairo Genizah and Digital Humanities. He was a visiting fellow in OCHJS, Oxford University in 2011; A Cendari Fellow at the Centre for e-Research at Kings College in London in the summer of 2014 and a Starr fellow at CJS, Harvard University in 2015. Roni served as acdemic advisor and researcher for the Friedberg Genizah Project. He is an associate fellow in the Centre and accompany the Crowd Sourcing project.


Dr Gila Vachman

woman no imageGila Wachman contributed to the "Midrash in the Communites of the Genizah Project" as a post-doctoral Fellow specializing in maping the Firkovitch Collection and Midrash Hachadash from the Cairo Genizah. She is presently a lecturer in the Dept. of Hebrew Literature at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.


Yonatan Wormser

man no imageYonaton Wormser wrote his master's thesis on the Language of the Tanhuma under the auspices of the Midrash in the Communities of the Genizah project. He is presently writing his Doctorate in the Dept. of Hebrew Lanuage in the university of Haifa. 

Dr. Yaron Zini

man no imageYaron Zini served as a post-doctoral Fellow in the Midrash Group. He deals with the Heichalot Literature in the Genizah and its relationship to Aggadic Midrash.