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Dr. Moshe Lavee

moshe laviMoshe Lavee is a lecturer in Talmud and Midrash in the department of Jewish History in the University of Haifa, and co-head of the new Inter-disciplinary Centre for Genizah Research and Education in Haifa, and the chair of the Early Judaism and Rabbinic Program in the European Association of Biblical Studies.
In addition to his studies on Aggadic Midrash in the communities of the Genizah, he works on themes of conversion to Judaism, gender and the construction and demarcation of identity in rabbinic Literature, and indulges in questions about the role of literary forms, intermingling of genres and the role of authorship in Rabbinic and adjacent literatures.  
Moshe is involved in other initiatives aimed at fostering the academic contribution to the community in the field of Jewish Studies, including "Machshava Techila" and "Ruach Carmel" (B.A frameworks for young leadership and educators) and "Beit Chinuch" (advanced studies in the humanities for secondary school students, hosted in the University of Haifa.