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Yuvalim- A Multidisciplinary Journal of Genizah Research

The Interdisciplinary Centre for the Broader Application of Genizah Research in the University of Haifa is pleased to  announce the publication of  a new annual   called "Yuvalim- A Multidisciplinary  Journal of Genizah Research".   The journal will peer reviewed  and will publish articles in both English and Hebrew.

The journal will be published with the generous assistance of the Tobi Family in memory of the late Second Lieutenant Yuval Haiman who fell in Operation Protective Edge in July 2014.

The Journal aims to publish multidisciplinary research stemming from or connected to  the Cairo Genziah.  Its goal is to give expression to the wide range of scholarly fields of study and approaches involving the cultures, societies, communities,  time periods and geopolitical spheres reflected in the Cairo Genizah together with  other medieval Genizahs (for example the Afghanis Genizah).

We hope that this journal will be of  interest not only to the scholarly community but also to laymen who have interest in and can benefit from knowledge of the Genizah and its contents.   We aspire to publish a journal that will appeal to a wide audience including scholars  in disciplines beyond the confines of Jewish Studies and  the Humanities.   

The Journal will be published in print and online on the Centre's site. The internet version will eventually include two sets of digital tools aimed at the general public( including extended abstracts and TED like video lectures) and the academic community (announcements and updates, consultations, open forums, digital aids, etc.).

We call on researchers and the academic community to send articles for consideration in English or Hebrew.

The Editorial Board includes:

Prof. Stefan Reif, (Chairman) (Taylor-Schechter Genizah Research Unit, Cambridge University) 

Prof. Nahem Ilan, (Ono Academic College, Jerusalem Campus)

Dr. Dotan Arad, (Bar Ilan university)

Prof. Gideon Bohak, (University of Tel Aviv)

Dr. Miriam Goldstein, (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem)

Prof. Yosef Tobi, (Al-Qasemi Academy, Baqa-El-Gharbia)

Dr. Haviva Isahay, ( Ben Gurion University of the Negev)

 Prof. Efraim Lev, (Haifa University)

Dr. Moshe Lavee, (Haifa University)

Prof. Aaron Maman, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem)

Prof. Tamar Zewi, (Haifa University)