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We are pleased to announce our new series of web articles in TheTorah.Com, as part of the Center's outreach program.

TheTorah.Com website will host a series of six articles based on the work of the Midrash group at the Haifa Genizah Center. was founded in order to share academic study of the Bible with a wider audience, providing historical and contextual approaches to the weekly reading of the Torah.

An introduction about the Genizah, The Haifa Center and the Midrash project is presented  here

Follw the series:  The Egyptian Midwives, The Symbolic Value of Orlah, Contesting the Identification of Elijah, A Mongamous Issac prays for his Barren Wife

We are grateful for the TABS team Zev Farber and David Steinberg for their support and their involvement in the publication of the series,