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The Genizah Centre coordinates, hosts and participates in various events throughout the year for the benefit of the academic community and general public, including lectures, workshops and conferences. 

 Forthcoming Events

Lectures by CIRCG Researchers at the IXth EAJS Confrence

15-19 July 2018- Krakow

Tuesday July 17:

 Dr. Moshe Lavee​: Genealogy vs. Merit in Lost Midrashim Retrieved from the Cairo Genizah and the Question of Babylonian vs. Palestinian Provenance

Wed July 18:

Dr. Shimon Fogel​ : The Problem of Blurred Borderlines Between Genres from the Cairo Genizah

Tova Sacher: Content and Composition in Tanhuma Fragments from the Cairo Genizah

Thurs July 19: 

Vered Raziel-Kretzmer ​: Proto-Prayerbooks: Liturgical Scrolls from the Cairo Genizah

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The Genizah Centre has produced an exhibition which presents an introduction to the Cairo Genizah, and posters showcasing the different areas of our research.

They have been translated into German, Spanish French English and Hebrew. It has been displayed in Israel and throughout the world.

 For more info, click here. For pictures, click here.


The CIRCG extends congratulations to its head, Dr. Moshe Lavee,

on his promotion to the rank of senior lecturer with tenure in the Department of Jewish History and Bible. 

We wish him continued success in all his endeavors.


The Staff of the Genizah centre include several scholars, lecturers and research students who regularly publish the results of their individual research and collaborations.

Our latest publications

Dr Roni Shweka: Was the Torah Given ‘One Scroll at a Time’ or ‘Sealed’?   Sidra 30

Dr Moshe Lavee, Dr Oded RosenblumDr Shana Schick: 
The fifth of six articles on the

Earlier articles: "The Egyptian Midwives"  "The Inner Workings of a Genizah Midrash on the Symbolic Value of Orlah", "Contesting the Identification of Elijah", A Monogamous Isaac Prays for His Barren Wife 

More Publications: Midrash , Medicine